The Watch we’ve all waited for

There are way too many critics about the new Apple Watch, which is going to be released in 2015. I understand that people were expecting some kind of a miracle from Apple, like floating heads of their friends, which are talking to them, or a lethal laser with which they can easily kill their enemies. But the one thing that these people have to realize is that Apple is not a spy gadget factory! If you can accept that cars are not floating in the air yet, then why can’t you stop hating Apple for not doing exactly what you dreamed about, when you were five.

Although you won’t necessarily transform into James Bond if you wear this watch, it is still awesome. Could be better, I admit, everything could be better, but let’s be honest, it is a huge innovation! The Apple Watch is basically a gadget, which has all the things, that your phone has, but you can simply wear it on your wrist. It is small, comfortable, can be used easily (such as the IPhone) and looks awesome, stylish stainless steel and a large variety of bands for every kind of people.  There are three kinds of leather bands, link bracelets and many others, which I don’t particularly like, but can be cool for kids, I guess.

It is a real innovation that you can have a touch screen watch, on which you can text, call, browse and which keeps track of your appointments. How cool is it? We, men hate carrying stuff around, as most of us don’t have a handbag, and it is annoying to have too many things in your pockets, so this is the best thing, which can happen to us. We don’t need anything else, we can talk on the watch, text on it, play with it, pay with it! A man always needs a watch, and now we have The Watch, it looks awesome and has everything what we need. The only thing, which I find hard to imagine, is how to use such a small touch screen without a touch screen pen, of which Apple doesn’t really talk about, and I have quite large fingers. I can solve the problem with Siri, which is also included in the watch, but still, some of us don’t like to talk to their watches in public!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it!