The Best Electric Shavers vs. Razor Blades


Most men try a variety of different shaving techniques over the years. There are traditional razor blades, disposable razor blades, and electric cordless shavers. The usual razor blades may get close to the surface of the skin, but when you have red, irritated skin, that may even be bleeding, a close shave isn’t going to do you much good. Most men don’t wake up bright eyed and alert in the morning. And that’s when mishaps with razor blades can happen. According to the best electric shaver site it’s better to use an electric shaver than the usual razor blades.

Most electric shavers are cordless nowadays. You can shave in the shower, at the sink, or even in the men’s washroom at work. You can bring your shaver with you and not have to worry about carrying a large container of shaving foam too. In the past electric shavers may have been bulky, with long cords, but the newer cordless shavers are light and easy to pack into a backpack or briefcase.

The best electric shavers can get as close to the root of the hair as possible, so you won’t even notice any difference between the electric or the razor blade. Electric shavers are constantly evolving with new technology. They have multiple cutting blades, and can go around every curve and angle of the face. For most disposable razor blades or traditional blades, they eventually wear out. In Victorian times men used to sharpen their own blades. That also led to many shaving mishaps, leaving sharp jagged edges along the blade. They often visited barber shops so an expert could do their shaving for them, or they simply grew their beards long to avoid shaving entirely. Many new electric shaver heads are self-sharpening. Braun is one popular brand that has self-sharpening blades on many of their models. While it is recommended that an electric shaver head be replaced every few years, it’s not nearly as bad for the environment as tossing a disposable blade into the trash once a week. Electric shavers can be used wet or dry, just like most usual blades. They’re both easy to wash under the tap, and to scrub out with a tiny brush. The best electric shavers even having their own cleaning and charging units, which makes their maintenance extra simple.

With all the airplane flight’s hazards nowadays, many customs agents will confiscate traditional razor blades from carry on luggage. But not everyone wishes to check luggage, particularly when many airlines charge a set fee for the privilege. You’ll never have an issue at security when you’ve packed your electric shaver in your carry on bag. Plus, having to shave with a traditional razor blade in a cabin that’s bouncing up and down can be risky. There are many reasons why it’s better to use the best electric shavers than the usual, but overall the convenience and ability to reuse the electric shaver again and again makes it the best choice.


How a Baby Monitor Can Change Your Life

When you have a newborn infant, your life will suddenly become so busy that there’ll be no time for extracurricular activities. You’ll spend your entire day looking after baby, feeding, and washing their clothes, keeping their room clean, and generally just trying to stay awake. You’ll be dashing around the house getting things done, and constantly worried about how your baby is doing. A baby monitor can change your life.


There are several different types of baby monitors and each one has the special function of monitoring your baby, while they’re in their bedroom, and you’re in a different part of the house. Right now you’ve been dashing back and forth, checking on your baby in person. But a baby monitor can alert you to their sounds, while you’re in another room. This can save you time in the long run, as you won’t have to dash back and forth to check on your baby.

There are three different types of monitors that you can use to monitor your baby. The first is using a standard video camera. You can view footage either live, or in the Cloud. The second type is merely aural, so you can hear if your baby suddenly cries. The third type of baby monitor has video capability, so you can view video of your baby in another room.

It’s great to use a baby monitor, because you won’t be constantly worried about your baby, while you do other chores around the home. You can simply listen for baby sounds with a monitor clipped to your belt, or have a look at the video monitor to be sure your baby is still asleep.

A baby monitor can help your life. If you work from a home-based business, you may be struggling with trying to care for your baby, and getting work done. The best baby monitor will simplify your life, so you know when your baby is sleeping, and you can take that opportunity to get some work done. If your baby wakes, you can be ready with the formula. It takes the guesswork out of running back and forth trying to attend to your baby’s needs.

There are many reasons why you should definitely use a baby monitor. It will ease any guilt associated with not checking on baby as often as you like, as you can simply check your unit. If baby’s room is far down the hall where you can’t hear them, a baby monitor will let you know when they’ve awoken and may need a nappy change or a feeding. Your baby won’t be suffering, while waiting for you to respond, as you’ll know the instant they need something. A baby monitor will allow you to catch up on other work around the home, whether housework, or for a small business, while still paying attention to the needs of your baby. Having a baby has to be one of the most exhausting of life’s events, and a baby monitor can ease you through this difficult time.

A baby monitor can change a parent’s life by offering aural, video, and storage capabilities, so you can watch your baby, even when you’re in the other room. A baby monitor will make your life simpler, as you adjust to the demands of having a newborn or infant in the home.

Why You Should Throw Your Books Away and Switch to e-Book Reader Right Now


Because of computers and of the internet, people can now read news, school lessons, and the novels they like over the internet or on their desktops. But what revolutionized that simple activity of reading is the introduction of e-book readers. E-book readers are portable computers specially designed for downloading, storing, and reading electronic books or e-books. If you don’t have an e-Book reader yet, here are some of the best reasons why you should buy one and dish away your paper books:

  • It’s portable and convenient to use. E-book readers are small and light making them easier to carry than actual books that are big and bulky. The average screen size of these readers is from 7 to 10 inches, small enough to carry in your bag or backpack. It’s very convenient to use since you can access the books you want to read anywhere and anytime.
  • You can carry hundreds of books in one device. Related to the benefit of convenience, an e-book reader also allows you to carry multiple books, novels, and stories in a single device. The amount of titles you can save on the device will depend on its storage capacity. But nevertheless, the most basic reader is already capable of storing by the hundreds. Imagine if you would carry all those books physically, it would certainly be difficult or even impossible.
  • Enhanced reading. When you choose to read a physical book, you have no other option but to use it as is. If there are defects, stains, torn or missing pages, you have to bear with such flaws. You will never experience traditional book problems with an e-book reader. E-books will always be as good as new and will never fade. If you have problems reading smaller fonts, you can always zoom-in simply by tapping the appropriate option. You can adjust the brightness and contrast. And most importantly, you can read even at the darkest hour of the night.
  • E-book readers are eco-friendly. These gadgets are also eco-friendly because businesses no longer need to cut down trees just to produce an e-book or e-book reader. The amount of energy consumed is very minimal and the newest LED models are even much more efficient.
  • Added functionality. Much of the e-book readers today are no longer limited to reading. Popular brands like Amazon Kindle have transformed to become a much more functional device. Today, e-books are now equipped with almost all other tablet computer capabilities like internet connectivity, use of Apps or applications, storage and playing of media files, etc.

The Latest Breed of E-Book Reader: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Without a doubt, the most popular and best seller brand when it comes to eBook readers is Amazon Kindle. With the release of its latest model Kindle Paperwhite, all other e-book and tablet names are clearly outranked. Aside from the standard Kindle features, the Paperwhite boasts the following: an even smaller, lighter, and better design, extremely efficient battery which can last for weeks not just hours, ability to read even under the sun, and prevention of eyestrain because of the improved screen or display.

The Watch we’ve all waited for

Apple Watch

There are way too many critics about the new Apple Watch, which is going to be released in 2015. I understand that people were expecting some kind of a miracle from Apple, like floating heads of their friends, which are talking to them, or a lethal laser with which they can easily kill their enemies. But the one thing that these people have to realize is that Apple is not a spy gadget factory! If you can accept that cars are not floating in the air yet, then why can’t you stop hating Apple for not doing exactly what you dreamed about, when you were five.

Although you won’t necessarily transform into James Bond if you wear this watch, it is still awesome. Could be better, I admit, everything could be better, but let’s be honest, it is a huge innovation! The Apple Watch is basically a gadget, which has all the things, that your phone has, but you can simply wear it on your wrist. It is small, comfortable, can be used easily (such as the IPhone) and looks awesome, stylish stainless steel and a large variety of bands for every kind of people.  There are three kinds of leather bands, link bracelets and many others, which I don’t particularly like, but can be cool for kids, I guess.

It is a real innovation that you can have a touch screen watch, on which you can text, call, browse and which keeps track of your appointments. How cool is it? We, men hate carrying stuff around, as most of us don’t have a handbag, and it is annoying to have too many things in your pockets, so this is the best thing, which can happen to us. We don’t need anything else, we can talk on the watch, text on it, play with it, pay with it! A man always needs a watch, and now we have The Watch, it looks awesome and has everything what we need. The only thing, which I find hard to imagine, is how to use such a small touch screen without a touch screen pen, of which Apple doesn’t really talk about, and I have quite large fingers. I can solve the problem with Siri, which is also included in the watch, but still, some of us don’t like to talk to their watches in public!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it!